True Beauty (Part II)

A couple of weeks ago I posted a bit about what truly makes us beautiful. I talked about how we are beautifully and wonderfully made in God's image and likeness; that if we want to be truly beautiful, we should look to improve our character. We radiate beauty only when we are truly ourselves- when we let go of what the world tells us to be.

I know I can tell you these things all day long, but I can bet you still might not believe me. I'm sure that many of you are thinking: "Sure, that's nice- but being 'myself' and letting my true personality show isn't going to get me a good boyfriend. Maybe God sees my beauty, but if I don't constantly perfect my appearance, then my only admirers are going to be dozens of cats."

What if I told you that you were wrong? What if some guys told you that you were wrong?

Well, I got some great guys to answer the following question, just for you distraught girls: "What makes a girl beautiful?" Here is a collection of a few of the responses that I got! So go ahead, girls- curl up in your cuddliest blanket, grab some Nutella and a spoon, and let these responses melt your heart:

"A girl is beautiful if she finds herself beautiful… Girls tend to worry too much about their physical appearance, and they don't understand that that's a temporary thing.

In a girlfriend/wife, I look for a sense of humor, an ability to laugh, a sense of outgoingness, and most importantly faith. I'm not sure how I could consider becoming close with a girl if she doesn't share my love for God. Even as we grow old or as our lives change, these qualities will always be there.” - Luke Savoie, age 16

"One of the most beautiful things in a woman is seeing that she is comfortable with herself.” - Joe Strasz, age 17

"It’s how a girl carries herself, how she respects and honors herself, that makes her beautiful. It’s someone who truly loves and respects herself as much as I love and respect her.” - Dave Salerno, age 16

"A girl is beautiful when she sees past what society wants from her; she sees the glory in being imperfect. A girl is beautiful when she accepts and respects herself." - Connor Bilodeau, age 19

"I think that girls who are hilarious and have a good sense of humor make them beautiful. A girl is beautiful when she is comfortable with who she is.

Girls, all you have to do is be yourself. Be who you really are, and not what everyone else or society is trying to make you be.” - Jake Knepper, age 17

"Girls always worry about what they look like when what really matters is what's on the inside. A girl’s personality, faith, and morals are what really show beauty.

I want a girl that cares about me and can make me laugh and smile. I look for a girl that I connect with, someone that supports me, and one that believes me when I tell her she is beautiful inside and out." - Tyler Kramer, age 18

"Beauty is about who you are, who you want to be, and who you’re striving to become.” - Andrew Snay, 22

“The most beautiful girls I know are passionate, loving, and faithful. I first and foremost wish that whoever I am dating or married to is strengthening my faith and helping me get to Heaven, and closer to God. I love my faith, and I can’t conceive of having to choose between it and my wife/girlfriend.

The girl that is always good for a smile or a maybe a hug to whichever friend needs one, and that always has the best interests of those around her at heart, is the girl I want to be around. ” – Nate Eggleston, age 18

There you have it. It's not just me, girls- even the guys agree... and I couldn't have said it any better myself. You truly are beautiful, in your quirkiness, in your silly laugh, and even in your imperfections. Be yourself, because you are beautifully made.

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